Investing for the Future: Unlocking Advanced ADC Manufacturing Innovation


ADC Bio, Bioscience Managers and Maven Capital Partners analyse compelling market trends in ADC clinical development and factors driving industry investment surge

Webinar hosted by ADC Review takes place on 12 June


14  May 2019, Wales: ADC Biotechnology (ADC Bio), together with Maven Capital Partners and Bioscience Managers, is to host a webinar through ADC Review entitled ‘Investing for the future: unlocking advanced ADC manufacturing innovation” at 16:00 UK GMT time on 12 June 2019.


Major market trends will be put under the microscope and discussed by a panel of industry and investor experts. Topics and factors under discussion include the huge growth in the numbers of antibody drug conjugates in clinical research, new disease indications that ADCs are increasingly being tested against and the rise in combination drugs. Just as importantly, the webinar will focus on factors driving the surge of investment in ADC production and advanced innovation in the manufacturing process and the predicted benefits this will yield.


The three key speakers on the webinar panel are Charlie Johnson, CEO of ADC Bio, Dr. Kate Rowley, Investor Director at Bioscience Managers and Dr. Melanie Goward, Investment Director at Maven Capital Partners.


Charlie Johnson, CEO of ADC Bio commented: “This is a highly promising time for the ADC industry, especially given that there are now over 300 ADCs in pre-clinical and clinical development. Consequently, we look forward to sharing insights into the growth in ADCs including combination therapies in oncology and a focus on novel applications for treating a range of other conditions beyond cancer and hematological diseases.”


“We will use the platform to provide the audience with insights into which factors are driving growth, the manufacturing challenges that will come with increasing market demand and what innovations in process integration and in supply chain simplification are set to solve the challenges of creating the next generation of ADCs” added Johnson.


Jeremy Curnock Cook, Managing Director at BioScience Managers, commented:

“The healthcare industry is growing globally, funded by an ageing population in Western countries and increasing affluence in emerging markets such as China and India. ADC Biotechnology is ideally positioned to serve customers operating in these markets by applying its proprietary expertise to develop the next generation of cancer therapeutics.”


Dr Melanie Goward, Investment Director at Maven, remarked: “Maven Capital Partners is delighted to be part of a strong consortium of investors, who have funded the company’s new clinical facility in Wales. This a hugely exciting time for ADC Bio given the growing global demand for anti-cancer drugs and we have every confidence that the company will further benefit from the cost efficiencies of its Lock-Release technology.”


For the webinar taking place at 16.00 UK GMT time on 12 June 2019:

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About ADC Bio


ADC Bio is an innovative biotechnology company developing new process technology to speed, simplify and significantly lower the production costs of the latest generation of anti-cancer blockbuster drugs, Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). Formed in 2010, the Company has commercialised and expanded facilities at St Asaph, Denbighshire into an international centre of expertise in the manufacture of ADCs. As specialists in state-of-the-art bio-conjugation techniques and cytotoxin drug-linker synthesis, the Company offers technical services to assist drug developers to deliver next generation ADCs and other biomolecule conjugates. ADC Bio’s proprietary ‘Lock-Release’ technology aims to become a new paradigm in the way ADCs are developed and manufactured, increasing accessibility for patients by helping to contain ADC production complexity and cost. ‘Lock-Release’ technology results in fast, simple and robust conjugation processes with the potential to eliminate several process steps whilst enhancing product quality.


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